Conductive Education

What is Conductive Education?                   

Conductive Education is an active education aimed at the development of learning. It is a unique holistic approach to meeting a child’s complex needs. The primary aim is to develop an active personality.

Conductive Education was pioneered at the Peto Institute in Budapest, Hungary, in 1945 by Dr. Andras Peto.  Conductive Education is a psycho-educational approach that focuses primarily on the child’s personality and lifestyle, integrating physiological and medical aspects. It is a combined special education and physical therapy, based on Peto’s theory that motor control can be learned. The approach focuses on improving the physical effects of a disability while encouraging motivation to become independent and increasing self esteem.

The principles are applied to the families’ daily lives at school, at home, and at play. They are taught with and through parents and incorporated into the children’s routines at home.

Conductive Education achieves active purposeful movement

Conductive Education achieves active purposeful movement and empowers the child to make choices, to become independent…. and take responsibility for themselves.

Conductive Education enables children to:

  • Maximise active, functional movement in all situations
  • Achieve success and thus increase their self-esteem
  • Interact with other people and events around them
  • Make choices and move toward independence

The objectives are to:

  • Enable children to become independent through developing and maximising their abilities
  • Build confidence and self-esteem for both parent and child
  • Improve the choices and opportunities for each child through enhancement of their abilities
  • Provide solid support and practical advice to parents so they can play a key role in the teaching partnership



“I firmly believe that the Conductive Education I received as a young child and into my early teens has a lot to do with the physical condition that I find myself in right now as a 40-year-old adult. Conductive Education played a big part in keeping my joints supple and has given me the independence to be able to do everyday tasks that able-bodied people take for granted.”

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