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Maximising potential for under 5s with cerebral palsy

and other motor learning difficulties

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Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity (DVLCC) was created to give very special children a place where they can learn and thrive in a warm setting that understands their unique journey.

Our Charity uses an inclusive approach that focuses on the development of a child’s personality and lifestyle; this is achieved by learning through play and supportive physical techniques to unlock the child’s inner strength.  We specialise in supporting children with cerebral palsy and other motor learning impairments.

One in four hundred children born in the UK will be diagnosed with cerebral palsy. These children cover a broad spectrum of disability as cerebral palsy, by definition, is a condition resulting from an injury to the brain and can lead to a life with severe delays in the development of cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills, and speech and communication skills.

From the moment you discover you are a parent, you are on a journey that so many others embark on – one of milestones, one of growing, one of building a relationship with your child. We understand that the journey is not as simple for all parents.

Children with cerebral palsy face a challenging road but not all roads are the same. These children will need to learn how to do the most basic and instinctual tasks that a typical child will learn on their own. These tasks may be as simple as holding their head up, making eye contact, and smiling at their mother’s face.

Cerebral palsy is not the only condition that sets children on this long, difficult journey. There are a host of other motor learning conditions and syndromes that give children and their families the most difficult task of reaching the most simple of milestones. Our Charity works with these children too.

Dame Vera Lynn supported our troops so that they may be victorious for our country and today, she is supporting children with cerebral palsy and other conditions so they may be victorious for themselves and their families. For Dame Vera Lynn, our troops were “her boys” and she took great pride and honour in giving her boys a sense of home and heart while they fought a difficult battle. Now her pride and honour is supporting “her children” so they may have the same while they fight their own difficult battles.

We receive no statutory funding and rely entirely on the community to raise the funds needed each year to ensure we can continue to provide this vital service to our families.

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